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About installing multiple boards

Paul Chang


Dear Sir,

My client would like to use MMC 134 and MCC 118 toghter.

Follow this link

MCC 134's address set as 0 and MCC 118's address set as 1.



But it seems only detect address 0 board.


Also test : Change their address MCC 134's address set as 1 and MCC 118's address set as 0.

But it only detect address 0 board ( MCC 118)also. Did we ignore something?


Best Regards


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Hello @Paul Chang.

Your jumper settings were correct; no jumpers on the first MCC DAQ HAT and a jumper on 'A0' for the second MCC DAQ HAT.  Please note that when the MCC DAQ HAT stack changes, the user must run the MCC DAQ HAT Manager or the command:  sudo daqhats_read_eeproms







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