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USB-1616 Channels failing



The USB-1616 measurement computing device has been performing normally for the past year when all of a sudden each channel would drop off 1 by 1 with no reason. It measures an impossible temperature on the tracer DAQ software. It started with channel 1 and I have routinely lost a channel and now I'm at channel 7 and it no longer functions. Channel 0 is reserved for the ambient and has not lost functionality which tells me that the problem for the other channels may not be permanent. Is there any sort of reset I can do, I have tried recalibrating and testing the channels to no avail.

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"Is there a reset?"  There is no reset button or option other than to unplug the unit from the USB connector, external power if used, unplug the screw terminal headers, and let it settle out (give it a couple of minutes), then re-attach the headers, USB and external power if used.

I recommend you test your USB-1616HS with InstaCal's Loopback and scan tests.

If that does ntot resolve the issues you are having, what is the serial number of your USB-1616HS?

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