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DasyLab 2020 Issues



We have recently upgrade to the DasyLab 2020 version.  We use this software for gathering CANDELA data related to flares.

Our gear is provided by GAMMA Scientific.  Upon calibration and setting the system back up, I get no cadela reading.

I should mention that we have two identical systems; one for MARINE flares, the other for HIGHWAY flares.

The HIGHWAY flare system is inoperable.  If I move the UUT from the MARINE system, the failure stays with the HIGHWAY system.

I believe we have a software related issue.

Can anyone help?

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Hello @JDyer.

Which version of DASYLab were you using before the upgrade and was your worksheet working previously?

Which data acquisition device are you using to capture the data into DASYLab?

Can you reply with worksheets of both systems, screen captures of the issue, and screen captures of the settings in DASYLab's Configurator? 

(Please do not show your serial number in the screen captures.)




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Hello, thanks for the response.

We were running version 13.  Now we  are running the BASIC 2020.1 version.

I am using a UDTi flexOptometer S470.

(This unit had went down due to delamination of the detector assembly.)  We sent it in for repair/calibration.

I am still getting the same issues even if I swap the UDT out for another unit we have in-house.  That's why I think this is software related.

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Previously you mentioned that the system for MARINE flares was working, but the system for the HIGHWAY flares was not.  Is this still the case?  Are you running DASYLab Basic v2020.1 on both systems?  If so, are you using the same DASYLab worksheet on both systems? 

In order to help troubleshoot your issue, I will need more detailed information about the issue.  Also, please reply with screen captures of your DASYLab issue.

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