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mcc118 and raspberry



I am using daq mcc118 to continuously acquire data on raspberry from 4 sensors, saving data on a csv file (programming in python3).

I noticed that sometimes when I stop the code with "Ctrl + C" or when the code stop for an error, then at restart of the code the daq does not start the acquisition. I wrote the command "hat.a_in_scan_cleanup()" before and after the active scan to be sure to have free scan resources, but this did not solved the problem.

What can be the cause of this behaviour?

Thank you in advance

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When a program stops unexpectedly it can leave an object in memory or a thread running that is part of the scan process. Often, a programming error will cause this. Closing and reopening the terminal or the development environment will clear things out. 

Attached is a python script that is similar to yours. I've run it several times using a terminal or with IPython Console with the Spyder3 environment and I haven't seen the issue using Ctrl-C as the stop. 

Best regards,



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