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USB-TC with Linux



We are using a raspberry pi to collect temperature measurements using the USB-TC. We have successfully downloaded the correct usb drivers and have been able to read the temperature from just 1 thermocouple using the test-usb-tc program, but we do not have a way to collect data from multiple inputs and save them to a file like txt. We followed the instructions provided from MCC here https://www.mccdaq.com/TechTips/TechTip-9.aspx but do not know the way forward after that.

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I believe you've installed the third party driver not MCC's UL for Linux. If you were to go back in time, it was the only solution for MCC customers wanting Linux support. Since then we've released our own driver. Click the following link and follow the instructions: https://github.com/mccdaq/uldaq. After, open the TIn.c example found in /pi/libuldaq-1.2.1/examples/Tin.c. The attached example will read all eight channels.

Python examples are also available via https://pypi.org/project/uldaq/

If you wish to stay with the third party driver, reach out to Warren Jasper at NC State University. The contact info should listed in the documentation.

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