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Creating an accurate write to file worksheet that is based on rate of rise of temperature trigger point



In Dasylab 2020 and 2022, I want to be able to write temperature data to a file when that temperature rises on that channel at a rate of 1°Centigrade/sec or 2°C/sec etc i.e I want to be able to set a module or modules up to do this. I have tried various things like a data pre-post trigger module with little success. When each event is detected, I want the logging to the write file to continue for 10 seconds after the event was detected. I want the triggering to be reasonably accurate instead of sporadic .... Could you please suggest the best way of achieving this. I am reading a voltage in from a thermocouple to voltage converter and then scaling to the correct temperature readout. The triggering has to be based on the slope and not absolute values.

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a little more info about it must be slope not absolute
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There is no good way to create a Slope trigger that has a value change number as well as minimum time. If you can do with a method to log data every time the value increases/decreases by an amount, use the Trigger on Demand module. It will produce a pulse each time the value changes by the specified amount. Use a Combi Trigger to stretch the pulse to 10 seconds to close a Relay allowing data to flow to a Write Data module for file logging. I've attached a DASYLab 2020.1 example to demonstrate.

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