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USB2408 - No Device/Reference Detected in LabVIEW 2021 and 2018 at 32/64 bit





I have the following problem:

I have a USB-2408 device with a TC connected. 

After setting up a simple read and display program in LabVIEW, I was not able to detect any device. I only stubled upon an error stating that the ULx software was only made for LabVIEW 8.5 and no other version. 

I know that MCC interfaces do not appear on NI MAX. However, I was able to detect the device in the device manager and reading it with DAQami worked just fine. 

After research, I tested, if I did not run Instacal correctly but it worked fine. I checked the whole problem with 4 different distributions of LabVIEW (see titel) but had not success.

I just found a download link to an updated version of the Ulx software but it was broken - so help in this forum did not help me so far either.

A call with the service hotline did not help either as the guy only said that everything should work properly - to my bad, no detailed help. 


I am pretty unhappy as this cost more time than exspected. This software was advertised as easy to use but there seems to be no documentation. 


Since I feel that I am not the only one with these problems, I hope that you guys can suggest a fix. 


Best Regards, 





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The ULx for LabVIEW support requires that the device be configured with InstaCal before starting LabVIEW itself. Make sure to close InstaCal before starting LabVIEW, I'll explain. InstaCal will create/update the system cb.cfg file when it is closed. This is important because when LabVIEW is started, it loads an MCC dll that reads this file. If left open, ULx for LabVIEW is unaware of the changes you've made. Reading of the cb.cfg system file happens once when LabVIEW is started, not when you drop the first VI on your block diagram. 

Next, a lot of the initial ULx for LabVIEW development work used LabVIEW 8.5 and because of this, you may see file path warning indicating that your path structure is different. The warning can be ignored and will go away once you have saved your work to a new location. The current version of ULx for LabVIEW supports versions 2010 through 2021 both 32-bit and 64-bit. With this said, we have seen some installation issues with systems that have multiple versions of LabVIEW. If you're experiencing problems, it best to first uninstall both InstaCal and ULx for LabVIEW, then re-install both using the current MCC DAQ Software CD download.  The ULx for LabVIEW installation will list the versions you have, deselect all but the version you intend to use. You can get the current CD download from https://www.mccdaq.com/Software-Downloads.

Finally, the USB-2408 channels can be set to either voltage or thermocouple. When reading a mixture, read the channels as if they all are voltage. I recommend starting with the example ULx Cont Acq&Chart Samples-SW Timed.vi, which is in your LabVIEW 2018 \Examples\ULx\Analog In\Measure Slow Varying Signal.llb library. Even if all the channels are set to thermocouple, this example should work. 

Best regards,


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