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Analog Outputs of USB-205 are stuck in a voltage value.



The analog outputs of my USB-205 are stuck in a constant voltage value. I tried to use the command v_out(board_num, channel, ul_range, data_value, options=0) but the outputs don't respond to it a they don't change tehir voltage value.

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Hey Walda14,

If you're using a voltmeter to measure the output voltage and are touching to probe tips to the screw terminal tops, make sure the terminal is anchored down on a wire or screwed down completely. With this in mind, you could use the Measurement Computing DAQami program to test the outputs to make sure they are working. DAQami is $49 but runs as a trial for 28-days. After the trial has expired, it still can be used but not to save analog input data. Use the following link to download DAQami: https://www.mccdaq.com/downloads/DAQami/daqamisetup.exe



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