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Issue with USB-Temp and TC Series with Windows 11



I was using your USB-TEMP and TC Series product and was having issues with it being read on Instacal. I tried using it on a few different computers and the product was being read. The main difference between those computers as far as I can tell is that the computer that wasn’t reading it uses Windows 11 and the computers that were reading it use Windows 10. I would like to link the product to the Windows 11 computer and was wondering if the USB-TEMP and TC Series not reading on a Windows 11 computer was a common issue and/or if you knew of any ways to fix this issue.

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You must have InstaCal 6.73 install on Windows 11 for it to work. The first time you run InstaCal with the USB-TEMP/TC you should get a window indicating you must perform an update. After running the update, either restart Windows or repower the device by plugging it back in. Run InstaCal again and it should recognize your device and allow  you to configure it. 

If you do not have InstaCal 6.73, download our latest DAQ Software CD using the following:




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