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MCC 134 Continous read problems




I'm using several of your mcc134 boards to read thermocouples and i wanted it to run continuously for around a week. I have the system system working but it only runs for a couple hours before i get a to many files open error when i started digging into this it looks like every time i call the hat it reads the eeproms but does not close after reading creating a file open instance this builds over the course of time until the system crashes do you have any suggestions on how to fix this?




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It's not recommended to create board objects each time a single temperature value is needed. Instead, create them once as a global object. Take a look at the MCC118 example called "mult_hat_synchronous_scan.py". It has a function called "select_hat_devices(filter_by_id, number_of_devices" and it returns a list of daqhat objects. Copy the function to your program and call it once to establish a list of MCC134 objects. Here's an example of how you would use it:


hats = slect_hat_devices(HatIDs.MCC_134, DEVICE_COUNT) 

The hats list now contains the four mcc134 objects.

Right after this function call, you could configure the thermocouple types too. Then all that is need in your Rec_Data() function is to iterate the object list reading the four channels from each board.



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