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USB-1616HS-4: Want to command an Analog Voltage Out, as a function of an Analog Voltage In



I am working with a MCC USB-1616HS-4 and AI-EXP48 expansion module.

I am trying to find the simplest way to command an analog output voltage, as a function of an analog voltage input (Thermocouple).

Is there any way to perform this in any of the supported off-the-shelf software (TracerDAQ, etc.), or would I have to use something more advanced like uldaq/mcculw?

If the latter, does this DAQ support being controlled through uldaq/mcculw?

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Hello @elliott.mckee

Unfortunately none of MCC's off-the-shelf software provide the ability for that level of control.  TracerDAQ and DAQami are made for logging data, they do include some output control but is all done manually by the operator.

There is no Linux support for the USB-1616HS series so uldaq is not an option.

The USB-1616HS series is only supported on Windows, so you can use the Universal Library in supported language such as VB.NET, C#.NET, C/C++, or Python.  Meaning you can create your own app to control the analog output(s) as a function of the analog input(s).



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