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UL Library: NullReferenceException?

James Bellinger



I added DEMO_BOARD using InstaCal, and DAQami can detect it. (I am using DEMO_BOARD to test.)

However, all C# UL samples seem to fail. They throw NullReferenceException on any call seemingly, except for the "new MccBoard(0)" constructor.

What do I need to do to make this library work properly, then, with DEMO_BOARD?



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I ran ULAI01 from our C# example library using the demo board and didn't have this problem. 

Hoping for a clue, I searched "NullReferenceException" in our support database and found that it could be caused by having multiple copy of our DLL's and CFG files. Search your hard drive starting at the root "C:\" for the following:

cbw32.dll, cbw64.dll and cb.cfg. 

The correct locations are as follows:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Measurement Computing\DAQ\ (for the two DLLs)

C:\ProgramData\Measurement Computing\DAQ\ (for the CFG)

delete any copies that are not in our folders.



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