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Multiple MCC 134 HATs on Raspberry Pi with 8 thermocouples input



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3 hours ago, Jeffrey said:

Please see the attached example.



mcc_134_x2.py 4.49 kB · 0 downloads

Thanks, Jeffrey.

Another question is for the 

delay_between_reads = 1.

Is that possible to set it to less than 1 second? Such as 0.1 second? Or even without delay. Because the thermocouple input is going to compare with the set point then do PID control, to control a heater, the whole heating process supposed to less than 30 seconds. If every time it take 8 seconds to get the input, not sure the correction will be made within 3 loops.

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Per the published spec, update interval is 1 second minimum.

That's between reads of the same channel.

The example I sent you was based on the single_value_read.py example.  

When you put it like that, the name of that variable, 'delay_between_reads' is poorly named.  

it was meant to mean, if you only read one channel repeatedly, you need to wait 1 second between reads.

In this case it would really be, read all the channels as fast as the RPi etc can, then wait 1 second before you loop. 

it is really a 'delay_between_a_scan_of_all_channels', but that's just too long a name of a variable!

For you needs, assuming you have the whole 30 seconds, it would loop through all channels, 30 times.

You are welcome to try setting a shorter sleep, but you may just get the same data repeated, not updated.


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