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Petalinux 2022.1 for Genesys ZU5EV



Is there a concrete list of which tags/patches to use in order to compile a complete set of HW/FSBL/u-boot/Kernel/petalinux config settings/Hello-World Linux App with the 2022.1 version of the Vivado/Vitis/PetaLinux toolset for the Genesys ZU5EV board ?

Especially as the petalinux config files and patches are not trivially ported to a new version that is rather cumbersome. (FSBL for example requires some patching compared to the Xilinx/Petalinux default due to I2C mux).

I have found some examples (and especially patches) for other versions (like 2019 one) but not a complete set of which git repositories and tags to use for the 2022.1 version.


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