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DasyLab driver

Corey Elliott


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Hello @Corey Elliott

Other than the list of drivers seen on the DASYLab Configurator Packages tab, DASYLab does not create nor supply 3rd party drivers such as for the DataTaker DT80 series.  Please contact the maker of that device.  It is up to them to provide you with add in drivers for DASYLab. 

A quick look at the datTaker DT80 series data sheet (https://dataloggerinc.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/dataTaker_DT80_Series_4.pdf), page 4, shows you can use the DataTaker DT80 directly connected to a PC's RS-232 port for serial communication.  The DT80's documentation would need to include the instruction set.  In short, if you can communicate with the DT80 to a PC using HyperTerminal or similar, then you can use those same instructions in DASYLab using the  RS232 Input and RS232 Output modules.

In general, Measurement Computing does not provide support for DASYLab when not directly used with our hardware.  For more assistance, please contact the authors of DASYLab, https://www.measx.com/en/products/software/dasylab.html

Best regards,


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