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microblaze mcs

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Hi. I try to use four  gpio on microblaze mcs. Two for imput and two por output. I can only  read one input/output port. This is the verilog code. 

module TopMod(
    input sys_clk,
    input reset,
    input [7:0] sw,
    output [7:0] leds, 
    input [7:0] sw1,
   output [7:0] leds1
  microblaze_mcs_0 mcs_0 (


and this is the sdk/ lenguaje c code

#include <stdio.h>
#include "platform.h"
#include "xil_printf.h"
#include "xparameters.h"
#include "xiomodule.h"
int main()


   u32 data1;
   u32 data2;
   XIOModule gpi;
   XIOModule gpo;
   XIOModule gpi_1;
   XIOModule gpo_1;
    data1 = XIOModule_Initialize(&gpi, XPAR_IOMODULE_0_DEVICE_ID);
    data1 = XIOModule_Start(&gpi);
    data1 = XIOModule_Initialize(&gpo, XPAR_IOMODULE_0_DEVICE_ID);
    data1 = XIOModule_Start(&gpo);

    data2 = XIOModule_Initialize(&gpi_1, XPAR_IOMODULE_0_DEVICE_ID);
    data2 = XIOModule_Start(&gpi_1);
    data2 = XIOModule_Initialize(&gpo_1, XPAR_IOMODULE_0_DEVICE_ID);
    data2 = XIOModule_Start(&gpo_1);
    while (1)


       data1 = XIOModule_DiscreteRead(&gpi, 1); // read switches (channel 1)
      XIOModule_DiscreteWrite(&gpo, 1, data1); // turn on LEDs (channel 1)
       data2 = XIOModule_DiscreteRead(&gpi_1, 1); // read switches (channel 2)
      XIOModule_DiscreteWrite(&gpo_1, 1, data2); // turn on LEDs (channel 2)



    return 0;


Can say to me whats is the problem?



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