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PersonalDaq/55 is not recognized by DASYLab 2020



Posted on behalf of a customer

Hardware: DAQ 56
Software: Dasylabs 2020
Operating System: Windows 10

Problem Description:
We are using the DAQ 55/56 data acquisition interface. I've installed all of the driver recommended for the device and Dasylabs but it will not recognize the IOtech DAQ 56. Please advise. Best Regards



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Two installations are required to get the PersonalDaq/50 series to work in DASYLab. The first one is the Personal DaqView software, which installs the drivers. Here’s the installation for that: https://www.mccdaq.com/downloads/iotech_software/PersonalDaq50_Series/pdaqviewsetup_x86_x64.exe

After installing the above application, Plug the PersonalDaq/55 into the USB port and wait at least 30 seconds and check the green power LED next to the USB connector – it must be on. If it is not, then it is not compatible with your Windows 10 system. A few customers were able to fix their systems by updating the BIOS drivers. My new Dell laptop didn’t work at first until I updated it. I was surprised to find 14 critical updates.

Next, copy the attached file to C:\Program Files (x86)\DASYLab 2020\pool\packages\. Run DASYLab’s Configurator 2020 utility and select the Packages page. Locate & open Unsupported Drivers and enable IOtech PersonalDAQ/5x Series.

Restart the computer and you should be all set. You will find the PersonalDaq/55 inputs on the following menu: ModulesInputs/OutputsPersonal DAQ5x

Best regards,
Measurement Computing

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