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Using a USB-TEMP-AI module with DAQami to measure temperature.



This post explains how to use a USB-TEMP-AI module with DAQami to measure a 2-wire thermistor.  (A RTD sensor or thermocouple could also be used.)  This post assumes that the end-user has installed the latest MCC DAQ CD, which includes InstaCal and DAQami, and has the Steinhart-Hart Coefficients from the thermistor manufacturer. 

In order to use a USB-TEMP-AI module with DAQami, a user must first configure the module using MCC's InstaCal application.  Launch InstaCal.  Once the USB-TEMP-AI module is visible in the PC Board List,  double mouse-click on that item to access the Board Configuration window.  Configure the Temperature Channels to be used.  The following image shows the configuration of a 2-wire thermistor on channel 0.




Verify the temperature readings using the top menu option TEST - ANALOG.




Afterwards, exit InstaCal and then launch DAQami.  (NOTE: Make sure you have closed InstaCal prior to launching DAQami!)  

In DAQami’s Getting Started window, select the ‘New Configuration’ icon followed by the ‘Automatic’ option.  DAQami displays the first four analog input channels (AI0 – AI3) as Active Channels, on the left side, and a Strip display on the right side.  In the upper left-hand corner, click on the third icon button to view the Configuration Panel.  Next, click on the Channels tab.  The top four analog input channels (AI0 – AI3) are the voltage input channels, while channels AI4 – AI7 are the temperature channels.  Deselect channels AI0 - AI3 and select temperature channel AI4.  When a temperature channel is selected, its Channel Settings shows the available options for TC Type and temperature units.  (Note:  If using a thermistor or RTD sensor, ignore the 'TC Type' option and select only the temperature channel(s) configured previously in InstaCal.)




Click on the third icon button, in the upper left corner, to switch to the Display Panel.  Right click on the Strip display and select Remove Display.  Next, click on the second icon button, in the upper left corner, to view the Display options.  Click on the Scalar option and drag it over to the Display Panel.  Then, click on an Active Channel to drag and drop onto the Scalar display.




Finally, in the top center of DAQami, click the green arrow to begin an acquisition of temperature readings. 


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