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Is there a Board file for CMOD-A7-35t for Vivado 2021.2



I have a project that worked fine under 2015.4 2018 though 2021.1 but now I can't seem to find a board file that works for 2021.2


Installing 2021.2 was painful in Windows and absolute torture in Ubuntu.  Can I modify a Board file to get it to work in  2021.2 ?


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We have this guide called Installing Vivado, Vitis, and Digilent Board Files that shows you how to add board files manually. For 2021.2 you should click on the Appendix: Installing the Board Files via the "vivado-boards" Github Repository drop down and follow the steps. It basically tells you to download the board files from our github and make a TCL script that automatically tells Vivado where to look for boards whenever you open a new instance of Vivado.

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