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Arty Z7 Boundary Scan How To?

John Griffiths


I have an ARTY Z7 20, I would like to use it to learn about JTAG boundary scanning. I'm using the open src application https://github.com/viveris/jtag-boundary-scanner.

If I build & run the application with the Zynq 7020 BSDL file loaded, I can see two "probe" channels with the prog USB connected, but both of them report back "No Device Found" with the "JTAG Chain" "Get ID" and the Scan read reports "JTAG Chain Error".

Is there a specific configuration for the ARTY Z7 20 to support JTAG Boundary scanning? Is there any documentation which may help my understanding of this?


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In order to use JTAG boundary scanning devices must be in the JTAG chain and this depends on the board design. Typically, only the FPGA and configuration FLASH are available for Digilent boards.

There are probably better ways to learn boundary scanning. FTDI has a few application notes for doing this with their USB bridge devices. Logic device vendors have application notes. FMC connectors generally allow JTAG connectivity to mezzanine cards.
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i tried the same with the Arty-A7 Board and got the same error.
In my understanding i should be able to connect via jtag-boundary-scanner when i also can connect with vivado to it.

There is a standard config.script for the jtag-boundary-scanner tool delivered where the probe mapping is configured for the "Olimex ARM-USB-OCD-H" device. They map the FTDI-Chip Pins to the JTAG signal. I assume the problem is the mapping of the pins. Does anyone know the correct mapping or knows where the problem can be located?


Cheers Tommy


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