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Cable driver not working


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I am using Nexys4 DDR board and Vivado 2018.2 on two windows 10 PC.  One of them runs Windows10 version 2004 and another with version 20H2.  Vivado is working fine with both PC, but the cable driver doesn't work on the PC with Version 2004.  Does Vivado compatible with Windows 10 Version 2004?

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Hi @djiang,

I do not know if it Xilinx's Vivado 2018.2 is compatible with Windows 10 version 2004.

If you go strictly off of the supported operating list in Xilinx's release notes for 2018.2, https://docs.xilinx.com/v/u/2018.2-English/ug973-vivado-release-notes-install-license, neither of those versions of Windows are officially supported. You would have to ask Xilinx for official clarification on the versions that 2018.2 is fully compatible with.


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