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Integrated portable development environment


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My occupation is embedded software development especially for micro-controllers, preferably the ARM Cortex-M type. I was annoyed by two things, first the mess on my desk, boards, programmers, wires, power supplies, measurement devices and so on. Second the fact that working from multiple places, the office, home, a client was very problematic since the development equipment was hard to move.....

I decided to integrate it all........ and this is the result:


A metal portable frame where the development boards are attached using magnetic feet.

On the top left connections to a Digilent Digital Discovery,
Next to it two USB ports,
To the right of that three power outlets for 5V, 12V and 24V
And finally a trigger output for my ADP3450 which I can connect to one of the pins of the Digital Discovery

On the right a connection for a J-Link programmer
and a connector for a second logic analyzer, a LogicPort which I like for its flexible trigger capabilities

And this is how the bottom looks:


Everything is here. Most important, in the top left corner the Digital Discovery, more about this later.
There is a 7 port USB Hub, a UART Dongle, a power supply, a DC-DC converter for powering the USB hub, the LogicPort and the J-Link.

And this is what I did with the Digital Discovery:

First designed a PCB:


Next dismantled the Digital Discovery and using pin headers soldered it to the PCB


And finally mounted it in the development frame



The feet of the frame are magnetic and I can just click it in a Pelicase for transportation. 

Just wanted to share this with you all



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