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Uno32 usb connector


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I have a Uno32 which is a part of a Rebel 506 TenTec transceiver.  When the cable was removed from the USB port, the micro usb connector on the board detached and came away with the cable.  Can you replace the board?  Can I send you the board for repair.  TenTec does not answer enquiries.  Do you provide support for this product?


IMG_0170.heic IMG_0171.heic IMG_0169.heic

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Yes, we provide support for this product.
Unfortunatelly we do not provide repair service, we only replace the boards according to Limited Warranty conditions for manufacturing defects.
If you want to have a deeper investigation of your problem, please write a mail to Digilent Support <support.digilent@ni.com> providing the following delivery information:
1.      Date of Purchase:
2.      Seller:
3.      Purchase Order/ Web order Number:

Thank you,
Cristian Fatu

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