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PMOD AD1 instantiation code


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Hello, I am using Pmod AD1 for simultaneous signal conversion from 2 photomultiplier tubes. I followed all the steps for Pmod IP installation for Arty S7. I am having trouble figuring out code for ADC instantiation within my Verilog code. Can someone please help me with example code for AD1? Thank you

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Hi @Rohan_C,

I clearly missed this thread; I apologize for the long delay.

I don't believe Digilent has a direct Verilog example for the Pmod AD1, though I have attached a VHDL based project that reads in both channels on the Pmod AD1 as part of a larger project. You might also want to take a look at custom SPI controller that Digilent uses in it's Pmod AD1 IP core here: https://github.com/Digilent/vivado-library/blob/master/ip/Pmods/PmodAD1_v1_0/src/ad1_spi.v, which is written in Verilog.



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