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ADP3450 vs Picoscope PP957


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Hello, looking to upgrade my oscilloscope and found your ADP3450 & the Picoscope PP957 (3403D MSO 4 channel, 50 MHz, 8-bit mixed signal oscilloscope with probes) one or the other as a likely purchases.  Both are offered at Mouser, however, the PP957 is considerably less expensive. Looked at the specifications, both are very similar, so I cannot determine why I would pay more for the ADP3450. Can you advise what it is I'm perhaps overlooking?



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As a user of the ADP3450 I take the freedom to provide some information which is think highlight some of the important differences, let anyone correct me if I am wrong:

For analogue, the ADP3450 has 14 bit ADC converters which is much more accurate
The number of AWG channels is two, while the Picoscope has one
Especially at digital level, the ADP3450 is much more powerful:

  • The ADP3450 can generate lots of different digital signals on its 16 IO lines while the Picoscope can only be used as logic analyzer
  • The ADP3450 can be used to test SPI, I2C, CAN etc chips directly, just connect the chip and generate the required protocol to see how the chip reacts
  • The ADP3450 can be used to emulate LED's, switches and sliders to connect to your system instead of physical switches or LED's

There are to my opinion also downsides compared to Picoscope, the buffer size is much smaller, especially for the Logic Analyzer the buffer is 32K samples which I consider too small. When observing low frequency signals mixed with high frequency signals, the ADP3450 buffer is too small to be really useful

Picoscope uses USB3 and I am a little disappointed the AD3450 does not. 


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