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Zybo z7 HDMI output, I am Not able to generate




i am newbie in video processing on fpga , started with Zybo z7 demo ..afte going through this blog post Adam Taylor video tutorials i made it working 

At present my project is to generate text overaly like this Adam Taylor Text overlay  i have this tutorial  Zybo test pattren generator

Just small design with 1.Test pattren generator

2. VTC

3. Axi to RGB

4. RGB to DVI  

clk speed i choose 148.5Mhz dedrived from 100mhz of processor  

With this design i ended up in Timing Not met error ....


my Questions are 

1. Do you use any xdc constrans in demo project you provided .

2. Please suggest me how to generate just test pattren display from TPG  with HDMI out put , Do i have to use HDMI out ddc 



i have knowledge about axis ILA .. and read blog Adam taylor Video Beginner series



Thank you ...


Screenshot from 2021-02-27 16-28-23.png

Screenshot from 2021-02-27 16-28-45.png

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