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Porting ZED Board code to CORA Z7


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Recently we have purchased CN0363 colorimeter sensor for our inhouse project.

We used the standard ZED board as a development platform to interface the sensor data and used the Analog Devices software for it.

Here is the link to the boot file we used to boot the ZED Board.


(Source:  )

ZED Board:

Now, after we found that the sensor board CN0363 is working perfect and meets our expectations, we ordered 10 units of the same CN0363 for a small upcoming pilot.

But, now we need your assistance in reducing/replacing the ZED board with a small production level controller board with a very small form factor.

Then we found two FPGA Boards with ARM processor:

They are: CORA Z7 and Mini ZED Board

The size of these boards fits our requirement. We have ordered the board, but it will take a few days until we receive the board.

But, before we get these boards in hand, we want to get other things done, like setting up the boot file, purchasing right LCD for these boards, customizing the colorimeter python code based upon our requirements in the way we want to display the output results.

So, we need help:

  1. setting up the boot for CORA Z7 (using the same boot for ZED Board, saves time and cost)
  2. interfacing LCD 5 to 7 inch
  3. running the colorimeter software and testing the result with ZED Board
  4. customizing the code for our requirement 
  5. finalizing the code and making things run automatically

Let me know if you need any other details and if you can help us with this project at the earliest.

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