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Compiling Zmod Demo without Vivado




I have an Eclypse Z7 and I've built, packaged and booted the board using git-repo. (Even got python running on it now ?)

Now, I want to move on and get the ZmodDac running.

I've followed the guide's Section 3 to clone Zmod DAC demo.

Now, if I don't want to use Vivado part of the instructions, I have two questions.

Is it possible to compile the Zmod DAC demo sources manually and include them in the image while building+packaging?

If yes, do I have to generate a makefile of my own from scratch? Or do I have to install Vivado, build the demo, take the generated makefile and as I develop, modify that makefile?


Thank you for any support

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Hi @nickcamel,

You are right on all of your assumptions. The Eclypse has not been set up, yet, to work with anything except for Vivado, SDK and petalinux 2019.1. This might change as the project progresses and a request for make files independent from the Vivado tools has also been discussed. For the first release we opted out from offering this. Your request however brings the discussion back to the table, there might be a future solution for this.

As for now, you need the Xilinx sdk 2019.1 (webpack is enough) to build the project or to get the make files for it. The alternative is to write them from scratch, not an option in my opinion, but that's just me.   


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