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Digilent spartan 3 e development board


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I am new as a developer in FPGA.

We  bought digilent spartan 3 e development board from digilent.

I hve two questions:

1. Are there a board of spartan 3e development board to add in vivado 19.1 so that way will be easy for development to dela with IP cores instead in ise design suite?

2. I need an example project to develop a microblze processor in spartan 3 e development board in ise design suite and VGA controller too?

Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you.

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The Spartan 3 family is not supported by any version of Vivado. You will have to use ISE. I have a vague recollection that the last version of ISE available in the Xilinx archives doesn't support all of the Spartan 3 devices either so you will have to do a bit of research. The last ISE 14.7 distributed by Xilinx did support you device.


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I am already working with a ise design suite for spartan 3e but it doesn't make my way easy to work like vivado. So I just wanted to check here.

Okay no problem I can use ise design suite.

Can you tell me where can I get seven segment 4 digit display working example to display different numbers on the display.

And VGA example for this board.

Thank and regards.

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8 hours ago, mubasheer said:

I hope you don't know the answer.

Say what?

If you're still probing for an easy solution to seeing those LEDs and the VGA doing something useful, I'm not the guy you want help from. I'll encourage you to learn proper FPGA design using Verilog or VHDL, or any other HDL that appeals to you and is supported with your tools. 

If you look around there are demo projects available that will help you with those elements, but most are MicroBlaze and canned IP based. You are better off learning how to make you're own IP and understand basic design concepts. Those displays are ISE era technology.

ISE was distributed on 1 DVD for all supported platforms and can do HDL designs every bit as good as Vivado. Moreover, Vivado has depreciated some interesting Xilinx. There were releases of ISE that were so bug riddled as to be worthless, but version 14.7 was not one of them. 

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M - I have only just seen your old post and am wondering if you made any progress with your spartan-3 projects or have you moved on? I am using spartan-6 on Digilent's Anvyl board.  I also work with STM32 MCUs, currently the F1 series and nucleo-64 evaluation boards.

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