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Pin Out For The Motor / Gearbox



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The gearbox motor is designed to nicely plug in to the PmodHB5. 
So the pinout (based by color) is as follows:
Black wire   ---- Motor (-)
Red wire     ---- Motor (+)
Brown wire  ---- Vcc
Green wire  ---- Ground
Blue wire     ---- Sensor A
Purple wire  ---- Sensor B
However, by nature of DC motors, you may switch the locations of the Motor (-) and Motor (+) (physically and/or mentally). What this will do is have your motor now run backwards when it was running forwards before and vice versa.
Similarly, you may also switch the locations of Sensor A with Sensor B. What this will do is change which sensor reports information first to the system board, depending on which way your motor is rotating. As the user, you would find out by testing which sensor reports its information first when the motor is spinning a particular direction.
Unfortunately, this pinout diagram is not available on the motor/gearbox page at this time; this will be amended soon.
Let me know if you have any more questions.
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