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AMD acquisition of Xilinx

White Horse Software

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1 hour ago, White Horse Software said:

can Digilent provide some color to how this will affect their products

I don't have a working crystal ball at the moment but I do have the correct answer: Any prediction on what effect AMD ownership of Xilinx will have in the next 5 years should be ignored.

Intel has owned Altera for a few years now and has been talking about integrating programmable logic into its CPU lineup. You can see what effect that acquisition has had on both companies. Perhaps AMD wants to keep up. Why would AMD even want to buy a fab-less silicon vendor? Will AMD survive? 

One thing is for sure. Consolidation in the semiconductor sector is a national security issue for western countries. Read about the proposed acquisition of ARM by Nvidia.

If any of this makes sense to anyone in terms of the overall health of the semiconductor industry I haven't come across the discussion.

Oh, just a minute... the crystal ball blinked on for a second.... I see....


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Digilent does not have anything to share with regards to this acquisition at this time.

I would recommend periodically checking in with our social media channels and newsletters for any formal statements and updates about this as the Digilent Forum will not be the primary outlet for this information.

Thank you,

P.S: If I do see any formal statements, I can provide links to them on this forum thread if that is of interest to users.

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