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How to share DDR memory between CPU0 and CPU1 using openAMP



Hello Folks,

I am running linux on cpu0 and baremetal application on cpu1 using openAMP.

I already have baremetal application which is load data from sdcard and send it to video mixer.

Now i want to sdcard is access by linux and send sdcard data to baremetal application.

so i want to share linux application data with baremetal application.

how can i do this?

My baremetal video application is:

i stored image data in sdcard then its load into DDR and send to video mixer

SDCARD(image data)---> DDR ---> video mixer----> HDMI outpt

In openAMP:

Now I want to sdcard is access by linux and flow goes to as above.

please give me any clue or example how can i share ddr.


platform   Zybo 7020

vivado ver. 2018.2


Thanks in advance


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