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Hi all,

With the Genesys-ZU board, it is possible to program the PL part through the embedded Linux ?

Maybe it is a silly question but we are having problems to do that with similar product from other companies. Everytime that we run:

> cp BITSTREAM.bit /lib/firmware/

>echo design_1_wrapper.bin > /sys/class/fpga_manager/fpga0/firmware

we get "FPGA fail to get the done status". Is this also happening with this board ?


Thanks in advance

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Hi @flutnic,

Yes, it is possible to do, though I have not personally done this. I took a look and found these two guides from Xilinx on how this might be done here and here. Digilent has a pre-made Petalinux image that ships with the SD card that comes with the board; it's sources are available on our GitHub here.


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