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UART FT2232HQ problem



good Morning ,

i have a board zybo with Linux linaro-ubuntu-desktop 3.18.0-xilinx-46110-gd627f5d-dirty

i use the uARTmicrousb with my PC. My port console is on SSH. i see the port ttyPS0. i can communicate with ttyPS0 with my PC and one software write in C++.

i have many errors of reception and of transmission (missing character, shifting character, false character….). Putty work well with ttyPS0 but not my program in c++.

i send on the PC 7 4 0 0 0 2 71 ad in the regular time  and the program write in C of the zybo receive

 4 0 0 0 2 71 ad 7

 0 0 0 2 71 ad 7 4

 0 2 71 ad 7 4 0 0

can you resolve my problem ?

Thanks of your answer

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the lsof command doesnt exist Under Linux linaro-ubuntu-desktop 3.18.0-xilinx-46110-gd627f5d-dirty

package ??

the Getty program for the port console in userspace

The kernel for the  port console in the kernel



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apt-get install lsof

you need to make sure no service is using /dev/ttyPS0 (usually is the system console on that port). How will you have access if your network is not working?

Additionally you can use /dev/ttyPS1. This is a second UART in zynq. Can be routed via EMIO and a pmodUART(FTDI). This requires changes in Vivado project then to the petalinux project.

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Good bye,

For the  problem of the zybo i delete the  console port in the  user space in the file /etc/init/auto-serial-console.conf


#exec /bin/auto-serial-console

and delete the printk in the module for I/O

for the kernel it is necessary of recompile (very long time).

apt-get install lsof: yes i do

the command lsof give me no message after deactivate the port console.


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