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Non-blocking PMod AMP2 Example


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I've been working on an example project for the uC32 board with a PMod AMP2. When connected to a terminal over UART, the code will ask for frequency time pairs, then play a tone of that frequency for that amount of time. The code is still a bit of a mess, but should allow the uC32 to run other code while using the AMP2. To show this, I'm running a counter on an 8LD. Plugging both of these PMods in at once is a little bit of a pain, but possible with an extender cable.

You can download the link from the PmodAMP2 Resource Center page here.

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Hi artvvb,

I'm slightly confused about your code. The Pmod8LD counter does not appear to be actually implemented, is there an easy way to do that?

As a side note, you can use a breadboard with the power header J2 on the uC32 so that you don't have to dedicate 6 I/O pins towards power. You could also use the PmodDIP with the Pmod8LD to plug it into a breadboard or use a shift register to transfer data to the Pmod8LD since that would cut down your I/O pin usage.


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