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Zedboard - how to run ramdisk FS in ram




This is probably a general question, but I have a zed board and I've gotten it booted and I've also gotten it to boot off of a somewhat custom image.  I noticed the sdcard/images that come with the zedboard are a few files on the card I believe is the typical ramdisk image files that are loaded and run out of ram.  If you reset the board everything goes back to the fresh ramdisk  image.  The image I built myself seems to unpack the rootfs to another partition on the sdcard I'm using.  I then screwed something up and it didn't unmount correctly and isn't booting smoothly.  

So long story short - where do I specify that I want the image unpacked into ram and run solely out of there?  I'm a little new so I'm sure I'm missing something obvious here.  I've looking in "petalinux-config -c rootfs" and don't see anything there.  I also don't see anything in the kernel config GUI in petalinux.  


Thank you for any help!

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