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Running MTDS with the ESP




I would like to use the MTDS together with an ESP8266, the WROOM-02D, via the Arduino SDK that I use to develop for the ESP.

I tried using the libraries for the normal Arduino boards, but when compiling I get the "No supported processor defined" error.

Is it possible to use the MTDS with the ESP? If so, how would I go about setting it up?

EDIT: It seems it stumbled on the SPI setup in MtdsHal.cpp. So, if I fix the SPI setup for the ESP-board, would that be enough? Or will I keep encountering lot's of these CPU-related things?

Thanks, Thomasx

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Hi @Thomasx,

I apologize for the long delay. It may work, though you would have numerous pieces to correct between the MtdsHal.cpp and MtdsHal.h (mostly where there is an alternate definition for an AVR processor) to add support for the ESP, though I do not know what specific SPI registers would need to be changed or checked to add proper support.


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