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Problems with Ethernet on Zybo Z7-10



Hello all
I tried to test the Ethernet on Zybo Z7-10 with the Peripheral Test from XILINX under SDK.
All tests work properly, except Ethernet test.
It gives error because of XILINX software supports Marvell and TI  PHY and do not supports
RTL8211E  from Realtek.

As I think  Digilent completely supports PS Ethernet under PetaLinux only.

I am new in PetaLinux and  I can not find complete documents for creating ready  to download SD flash. 

Document  Embedded Linux® Hands-on Tutorial for the ZYBO suggests to use 2 reference:

1) Linux Kernel Source Code: available at Digilent GitHub repository https://github.com/DigilentInc/Linux-Digilent-Dev. 

     But I do not find there  complete Kernel Source Code.

2)  Pre-built File System Image: ramdisk Image is available in ZYBO Linux Reference Design.

      Where I could find this  "ZYBO Linux Reference Design"?

      Also please answer on the following question:
- where could be found ready to use coplete Peta Linux  files (for Zybo Z7-10) that can be written to the SD flash ?
Thank you,
Best regards,

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