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JTAG Xilinx platform cable not detected on XC7Z020CLG484 based Board



We are connecting the Xilinx Platform USB Cable-2 ,  on to the  Xc7Z020CLG 484 Zed board, JTAG chain initialized shown TCK pin clock configuration on  Vivado software

It appeared on the vivado console   the device not found , we tried and captured  all the signals  and voltages across TCK, TDI, TDO, TMS.

We here by appending the Complate snapshtots  and details in attached document

jtag error details of custom zynq based bord.docx

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Hi @kranthibabu,

What version of Vivado are you using? Additionally, the word document you attached shows you are using ISE's iMPACT, not Vivado. Are you specifically using the Zedboard? Could you also provide a picture of your physical setup with the Xilinx Platform USB Cable and the FPGA? Feel free to attach the details directly in the thread.


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