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Howdy from NorCal

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Hi, My name is Jon and I am a Senior Software Engineer with some FPGA experience both academically as well as professionally, mainly with regards to testing and board bring up.  Academically, I have a BS in Computer Science and a Masters in Software Engineering as well as a AS in Electronics Computer Technology.  I do have a Basys 2 from Digilent which I have used for online courses, and now I have a Zybo Z7-10 and Pcam-5c from a Road Test I am doing for element14.  My previous Zynq experience includes using a Minized Starter Kit as well as maintaining Buildroot for a Zynq project. 

I find the Zynq processor interesting since it bridges both the Hardware and Software sides of Engineering and am looking to gain further knowledge and experience with this chip. 





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