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open logger for linux issues

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I have a new open logger and want to put it to use soon. I have a couple of issues. I'm hoping Digilent can respond.

First, I cannot update firmware from ubuntu ... I have a windows 10 partition and have used that, but that is a pain. When will the linux system function normally?

Second, I want to log some data using wifi as having a usb cable attached is not an option in my application. I cannot get the thing to connect to my system or even show any wifi networks. This happens in linux and windows. When will I be able to connect this way?

Finally, will I be able to log to the sd card in a headless way? That is can I configure the system to start logging on power up or something like that?

This device has great potential, but these kind of things need to be sorted out and documented clearly

Thank you.




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Hey Bevets,

We plan to evaluate better Linux and Mac support after we get the main feature set complete in the OpenLogger firmware and WaveForms Live.  

Our goal is to have Wifi released by the end of March.  Once we support Wifi, Mac and Linux will be a viable option via wifi, but you'll still need a Windows machine to connect via USB and update the device firmware.

We're working on logging to the SD card now and should have a release ready in the next couple weeks.  The first release will probably not include logging on boot, but that should be released shortly after logging to SD.

Let us know if you have any more questions or suggestions.



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