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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone, I bought a PmodESP32 evaluation board to test the ESP32 module. In my project I would like to use classic bluetooth (no low energy). When I power up the system and do a scan with a smartphone, the ESP32 module does not appear. If I try to use the AT commands (AT + BTINIT ...) the module replies with an error message. I'm pretty sure the system firmware needs to be updated, so i tried to do a firmware upload but without success. I used various software (Arduino, ESP DOWNLOAD TOOL V3.8.5) but during the procedure it seems that the module is not recognized. How can I proceed to update the ESP32-WROOM-32 module ? Thank you
  2. Hi All, After I did a firmware update I can't auto-connect to my wifi. OpenScope v1.301.0 Written by: Keith Vogel, Digilent Inc. Copyright 2016 Digilent Inc. File Systems Initialized MRF24 Info -- DeviceType: 0x2 Rom Version: 0x31 Patch Version: 0xC USB+: 4703392uV VCC 3.3: 3297119uV VRef 3.0: 3000000uV VRef 1.5: 1501465uV USB-: -4662143uV Using calibration from: flash Unable to connect to WiFi AP. Error 0xA000001B Upon further investigation it appears I can't read/wite from flash anymore: Getting error trying to save calibration: Calibrating instruments Connect DCOUT1 to OCS1 and DCOUT2 to OCS2 To connect DCOUT1 to OCS1, wire the solid red wire to the solid orange wire To connect DCOUT2 to OCS2, wire the solid white wire to the solid blue wire Enter C when ready Starting Calibration Calibration time was: 28177 msec Do you want to save this calibration Y/N? Unable to save calibration info for DCOUT1 Error: 0x80000003 When I try to open or read WIFI connections I get this: Unable to open volumn: 1: When I add a new connection I get the following: Please enter PassPhrase for: uware PSK value: 0F:CE:D2:A1:29:55:E2:6C:31:18:A2:D7:DB:2E:5D:F3:8C:14:82:7F:39:C4:71:99:F3:C7:F2:57:EC:B6:0D:C8 Connected to AP: uware Would you like to auto-connect to this network? Y/N Is Linked to the physical network Link status: 0x0 Network Initialized My IP: Gateway IP: Subnet mask: Dns0: IP: Dns1: IP: Dns2: IP: Dns3: IP: My MAC: 00:1E:C0:42:5F:1C 10 Sockets Listening on IP: Listening Sockets = 10 Error Saving file: WFPARM_001EC0425F1C_uware When I "View all files names in flash: I get the following: 1. DCOUT1_FACTORY_001EC0425F1C 2. DCOUT2_FACTORY_001EC0425F1C 3. AWG1_FACTORY_001EC0425F1C 4. OSC1_FACTORY_001EC0425F1C 5. OSC2_FACTORY_001EC0425F1C 6. DCOUT1_001EC0425F1C 7. DCOUT2_001EC0425F1C 8. AWG1_001EC0425F1C 9. OSC1_001EC0425F1C 10. OSC2_001EC0425F1C 11. WFPARM_001EC0425F1C_uware 12. NONE_001EC0425F1C_uware Any suggestions?
  3. Hi, I have lost firmware for Nexys 2 USB Controller (CY7C68013A-56) which is stored on 24AA128-EEPROM. I want to update it by CyConsole application. Could anybody help? Thanks
  4. I've been able to use Waveforms live and connect to my OpenLogger through my phone's wifi hotspot in the past. However since I've upgraded firmware to 1.3.0 I have not been able to to this. I now get a message "firmware update required" even though I'm on the latest openlogger firmware. (see screenshot). The blue light is on solid, indicating that I'm connected to wifi. I've also tried connecting through my home wifi network with waveformslive on my computer, and get the same message. Can anyone at Digilent or elsewhere check to see if you can connect via phone hotspot with firmware version 1.3.0? (I also cannot connect via wifi from my PC - I can ping the openlogger, but cannot connect to it...) many thanks - Steve