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Solderless Breadboard kit -Large : Specs needed

Mary Becker

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Hi @Mary Becker,

Here is our store page for the Solderless Breadboard Kit: Large

The features list shows:

Large breadboard with rugged steel backing

3x 630 tie point terminal strips included

5x 100 tie point distribution strips included

Four screw terminals for power supply connections included

4 adhesive rubber feet included

thank you,


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this type of board has been a staple in DIY for many decades. I doubt you'll find it documented anywhere, since it's pretty self-explanatory once you get your hands on it.

Maybe this helps:

  • Groups of five pins ("A B C D E") belong to one clip and are connected.
  • The exception are along the red and blue lines. Here groups of five form one long busbar with 50 pins.
  • Pin spacing is 1/10 inch = 2.54 mm
  • If you put a small DIL IC into the center (over the depression), four holes remain for each pin.


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