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I need to read some data (a serialnumber to be specific) out of an eeprom. The eeprom I am using supports I2C. in additon to that I'm accessing the openscope mz via json-strings. So I got some questions/problems.

Does the openscope mz support i2c? if yes how to I access this with json-commands

If it doesn't support i2c I would use an bus-bridge (something like this) to convert it to spi. On the reference website it says the boards supports spi. But I can't find any solution on how to connect to this pins via http. Has anybody some information or recommended websites where I can look for solutions. (If anybody has already some tips I would like to hear them)

thanks for your help.

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Unfortunately I think you won't be able to use the SPI of the OpenScope MZ without adding custom code to the existing firmware. And I guess that would be a tricky thing to do.

Is a serialnumber the only purpose of that external EEPROM?

Maybe there are other ways to achieve what you need.

This chip can be both UART + I2C Bridge at the same time. If you plan to use the openscope with USB, maybe you can modify the hardware to use this instead of the FTDI chip onboard.

The Baudrate might be a limiting factor though...





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