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Analog Discovery Audio Interface add on board


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Hi everyone,

I did build a very simple but effective audio interface to use with the Analog discovery.

Elsewhere on this forum I already published scripts to measure thd vs frequency and how I wired my dummy load.

If it is of interest to you, you can have a few board manufactured and populate them for a reasonable amount of money.


Each scope section can be set to an attenuation factor of 1, 1.5 or 2 so that output of up to 100Vpp can be measured.

Scope 1 can  be jumpered to output 1 to facilitate network analyser measurement.

Scope 1 can be jumpered for input impedance measurement.

scope 2 has the same 3 attenuation factors and the connection to output 1

wavegen1 can be jumpered to the output directly, via a 680 ohm res for IMD or a 100k res for input impedance.

wavegen2 can be jumpered to output 2 or a 680 ohm resistor to output 1


I hope this is clear enough to get you going.

note that the schematic has RCA output jack, but they are not in the gerber files.










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