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AXI DMA inside Linux - How to



Hi everybody,


I am using the Zybo running with Linux. I have been able to write/read from registers inside the PL from within a custom application, in a similar way as this tutorial does. However, it seems much more complicated to do DMA transfers. I have searched many forums and read lots of threads but still I don't know how to achieve this.


I'm a beginner in Zynq so any kind of input is appreciated :) Thanks in advance ;)

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Hi miguel_rodrigues,

DMA transfers are a lot more complex and generally outside the realm of what Digilent does. I found a forum thread here that talks some about DMA, but I don't know of any available resources beyond that.


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Thanks JColvin, that thread gave me that extra information I needed to put the DMA working :)


Since many more people may be wondering how to use AXI DMA inside Linux, I will try to make available as a tutorial what I have done to achieve this. I plan to so this weekend so next week it should be already available. If anyone knows where is the best place to host such tutorial, say something :)

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