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CoraZ7s Petalinux Standalone build failed

rick chaney


CoraZ7s Petalinux Standalone build failed 

Petalinux 2017.4 - build failed in github.com/digilent/libuio.git

I have downloaded and configured the sstate cache tar files. Also performed the AR#71198 fixed for PREMIRRORS conf file.

I guess I need to add the digilent libuio file to the sstate cahe?

How would I do this?





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Hi @rick chaney,

Sorry for the late response. I do not have alot of experience with petalinux. Have you looked at the readme for the Cora Z7 07S in the Petalinux Support for Digilent Boards for installing the Petalinux project on the Cora Z7 07S? I would also suggest to look at the PetaLinux Tools Documentation Reference Guide as well as the petalinux getting started.

thank you,


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It appears the standalone build function is not supported for the Digilent Boards.I finally go it to work;

# 1) Retrieve the following Digilent apps:
     a) libuio
     b) libpwm
     c) libgpio
     d) gpioutil
     e) pwmdemo
# 2) Extract these source files into a specified directory
#    (ie: <petalinx_prj>/downloads)
# 3) Modify the digilent app *.bb files found in <petalinux prj>/project-spec/meta-user/recipes-apps/digilent-apps
#    a) In each *.bb change the SRC_URI and S variables to point to their associated local directory.
        eg: SRC_URI = "file:///<petalinx_prj>/downloads/libuio-master/libuio.c \
       file:///<petalinx_prj>/downloads/libuio-master/libuio.h \
       file:///<petalinx_prj>/downloads/libuio-master/Makefile \

        S = "${WORKDIR}/<petalinx_prj>/downloads/libuio-master"


Thanks Rick


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