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Multiple image sensors - one board

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Hey all,

I have two questions,

1. I'm looking for a board kit that has \ can contain 2 image sensors. Is there any kit like that? if not, any suggestion how can I build something like that from a simple, cheap ready to use tools?

2. If I want to design a board with thousands (2,000) of image sensors, can it be done? how can it be done? how the assembly can be done?




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Hi @ImageP

For you first question, digilent does not have any boards with an image sensor on it. What type of image sensor are you looking to use? The Zybo-Z7 has an MIPI CSI-2 interface the works with the Pmod PCAM 5C here.

For your second question, I have no experience with this size or complexity of project. Hopefully one of the more experience community members will have some input for you.  



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