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Adept System For Raspberry Pi


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Digilent is pleased to anounce the availability of the Adept System for the Raspberry Pi!

The Digilent Adept System is a collection of application programs, runtime libraries and drivers that allow users to interact programmatically with various Digilent products. The Adept System is split up into four different components: the Adept Runtime, Adept SDK, Adept Utilities, and Adept application.

The Adept Runtime contains the shared libraries, firmware images, and drivers that support the applications programs.

The Adept SDK provides the header files and documentation needed to write applications programs that work with the Adept System.

Adept Utilities is a set of command line applications that can be used in conjunction with the Adept Runtime to manage and communicate with Digilent's devices. It presesntly consists of three applications: Digilent Adept Utility (dadutil), Digilent JTAG Config Utility (djtgcfg), and Digilent NetFPGA-SUME Flash Configuration Utility (dsumecfg). The Adept Utility provides a command line interface for discovering Digilent devices, querying device information, manipulating the device table, and setting device information. The JTAG Config Utility allows users to initialize, program, and erase FPGAs and CPLDs on Digilent boards using a command line interface. The NetFPGA SUME Flash Configuration Utility allows users to write bit or bin files to a specific section of the flash memory on Digilent's NetFPGA-SUME.

The Adept application is a GUI application that allows users to configure FPGAs and CPLDs found on Digilent system boards. It also provides the ability to read and write data registers of the FPGA using EPP on select system boards. This application is only available for Windows.

The Raspberry Pi version of the Adept Runtime and Adept Utilities packages will be available for download on the Adept 2 page of Digilent's website later this week. Users wishing to develop custom applications that communicate with Digilent's devices may start development imediately using the Adept SDK, which is platform independent and available for download on the Adept 2 page of Digilent's website.

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Is there any update the Raspberry Pi version of the Adept Runtime and Adept Utilities packages?

Currently, I have a project that requires a Raspberry Pi 2, running Ubuntu Mate to program the flash device of the FPGA board.

I can use adept runtime to configure the FPGA, but it seems the Adept 2 doesn't support to program the flash device.

I mean I want to run a tool like the iMPACT running in windows to configure the flash device. 

Any suggestions for that?



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