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Hi new MiniZed user here!


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Hi everybody

My University purchased many MiniZed boards and PMODs. Is possible to program the board using Mathworks Simulink but there is no "PMOD block" availability.

So I'm trying to program the MiniZed with Vivado and Digilent PMODs repository and I will definitely need some advices as I go :-D

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Hi @stefanoo,

We do not have experience with mathworks simulink. I would suggest to reach out to Mathworks support. We did not make a board file for the MiniZed since it is not our board so there will not be pmod ports. Once you have added the vivado library to the project. Create a block design and add the Pmod IP Core of choice to the design. Then right click on the pmod out and make external. then finish your block design and create a wrapper. You will need to use an xdc to constrain the pins named in the wrapper for the pmod.

thank you,


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